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The Greatest thing since Slice Bread

"Always Fresh and Baked"

26 May
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I'm a straight forward... diplomatic, generally reserved, Smart, Experienced @ life. I'm "Illmatic", "'Ready to Die', w/o a 'Reasonable Doubt'," I enjoy playing sports, hangin out with friends and people. I'm not cocky all the time i just come off that way right now...sometimes (lol).

Random things I like.... (no particular order): Life, Happiness, Pizza, Halo, Chinese Food, TV, Weights, My Laptop, Orange Juice, Water, Music, Things I've done, Conversation, New people, Fresh Clothes, Jordan III's, Support, Family, Aeropastle, Rocawear, The Simpsons, Bikes, Cars, Parties, Martial Arts, Veronica Mars, and nip/tuck.

Random thing i don't like... (no particular order) My alarm clock, itchy sweaters, skin friction, bad attitudes, wet willies, cold rooms, homework, imaginary players,psychic pokemon, Jordan XX's (and Dub Zero's there so whack to me), Saabs, boring books, and commercials.
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